About Me


My name is Bianca Savazzi. I'm a 26-year-old with a passion for making games. Born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden.

I've always loved to play games and to work with something creative. However, the thought of making games didn't occur to me until after had graduated high school in 2011. The realisation hit me while I was taking several courses at university, studying various topics. The courses that brought me to my realisation were game production and Java programming.

I realised what it was that I wanted to do next. I wanted to make games. I applied to Futuregames and started studying game design in 2012.

I've always liked to write, especially dialogue. When I applied to Futuregames game design class I decided to incorporate my interest into my work sample. The result of my work became Myth of Pangea. It consisted of a game design document, a prototype of the conversation mechanics written in Java (using the swing library), and 20 pages of written story and dialogue. I still enjoy working on Myth of Pangea on my free time.

During my studies at Future Games, I learned how to use visual scripting for the first time. We started out using Unreal Engine 3 and I learned how to script using Kismet. After a couple of months, we learned how to script in C# using Unity 3D. Having previous experience with programming, scripting easily became my favourite part of the education. But as time went on, I also developed an interest in UI design during my internship.

My first internship was at Teotl studios where I was a Scripting Intern. I got to use Unreal Engine 4 and script using Blueprint. During that time the license to use Unreal Engine 4 at that time was only restricted to a few companies.

After my studies at Futuregames, I returned to Teotl studios as a part-time writer until I moved to the UK early January 2015 to work at Deep Silver Dambuster studios. A year after I moved back to Sweden, but this time further north to Umeå, so that I could work with Paradox Arctic.

And that is my journey in games, from start to where I am now.

Resume in Picture Format:

Currently located in: Umeå, Sweden

Current position: Freelancing for Onyx Path Publishing (self-employed writer).

Available for paid work, contact me for further details.