Project name: Solus

Studio: Teotl Studios

Genre: Adventure, Survival

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Other software or services used: Visual Studios Express 2012

Responsibilities/Role: Design intern - Scripter, and simple programming

Project status: Released

My time on the project: 6 months

Solus is a first person, exploration and survival game developed in Unreal Engine 4.

You are one of the selected few who are being sent to explore a distant planet as the Earth getting close to its own destruction. And so after 20 years, you and your team finally arrive at your destination. As things are looking bright your ship suddenly crashes on the surface of the alien planet.

Final release trailer

When you regain consciousness you find your team members are dead, and your equipment destroyed. Being completely alone on this foreign planet you have no ways of communicating or receiving help. All that's left is to survive and explore in this world.

For more information about the game, visit the Official game website.

I first joined the development of Solus in the middle of November 2013 as part of my internship on Teotl Studios, then later on rejoined the team after graduating from Futuregames as a writer in September 2014.

My tasks as a writer

As I writer I wrote the backstory of the humans and the crew that the player was a part of before the game started.

  • The backstory of the humans.

  • My tasks as a scripter

    As a scripter, I mostly scripted different systems using the visual scripting system in Unreal Engine 4, but I also did minor C++ programming.

    Mechanics created using Visual Scripting


  • Stats decreasing over time, like body temperature, hunger, and thirst.

  • The player going to sleep, collapsing due to exhaustion, and some of the HUD-elements concerning sleep/collapse.

  • Weather stats, like wind and humidity impacts the weather.

  • Parts of the crafting system.

  • Parts of the item system.

  • Level system and how it affects stats.

  • Various:

  • Voice system.

  • Writing some of the dialogue in the first area.

  • Menu.

  • Writing the human backstory

    When I joined the project as a writer I was tasked with writing the human backstory. The story was going to be told through diary-pages that the player can find scattered across the levels of the game.

    I started with writing an overview of the story that I would later be able to use as a reference and check-list when later writing the diary entries. I decided that there would be three diary writers so that the story would've been told from multiple perspectives. That way it would give the feeling of a varied crew, with different roles and personalities.

    I gave these three diary-writers their distinct character traits and roles so that there would be a reason for them to write about what needs to be conveyed to the player.

  • Lata, the biologist.
  • Her entries focus mostly on life on-board the ship and a few of the conflicts that ensued. Since she's a biologist she also mentions what kind of life there might be on the surface. The purpose of her entries are to offer the player a view on how life was on the ship.

  • Amon, the psychologist.
  • His entries focus mostly on the mental health of the crew on-board the ship, and about his current work for Terra Nova. His entries are more objective and work-related than the other diary-writers to give the player a more neutral view on how someone would perform their work during the journey.

  • Frédéric, the geologist.
  • His entries are about the mysteries that surrounds the mission they were all sent out to accomplish.
    His entries are very subjective and about his work trying to find some answers to these mysteries. His entries' main purpose is to give the player a sense of mystery about the mystery, and to make the player more curious about what's about to unfold during their survival mission on Elpis.