Bianca Savazzi - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is your preferred way of contact?
A: I wish to only be contacted by email or LinkedIn for professional matters. If you have any other questions, inquiries, or if you wish to say hello, I have a Twitter account which you can contact me by.

Q: Where can I play your games?
A: Depends on which game you're referring to. Games that I've worked on for a studio should be available for purchase on Steam if they've been released.
As for my personal projects, there should be a link to a prototype in the description on their dedicated page if I have a prototype available.

Q: Are you currently looking for a position?/Are you open for job offers?
A: I usually advertise whenever I'm looking for another position on both my LinkedIn account and on my portfolio page. Currently, I'm not looking for another position as I'm very satisfied working at Paradox Arctic.

Q: Could you pass on my application on to someone else?
A: Sorry, unless I know you in person and know your skills, I'm not going to pass on your resume.

Q: What scripts are running on your website and what do they do?
A: If you're using plug-ins such as Ghostery, you should notice that there are 1-2 trackers on my portfolio site.
I'm using Statcounter to keep track of how often people visit my websites and which sites people frequent the most. I use that data to see and possibly update the pages that people visit.
On pages that also have a Youtube links for displaying videos, DoubleClick belonging to Google is also frequent.
These are the only Trackers that I know of that should appear on my portfolio site. I don't have any kind of advertisements on my website.