Eden: Last Stand


Project name: Eden: Last Stand

Studio: DreamStage AB

Genre: Action, Shoot-them-up

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Responsibilities/Role: Design intern - mainly scripting, and HUD + menu design

My time on the project: 5 months

Eden: Last Stand has support for playing with the world's first eye tracking gaming gear. Using this technology enables the player to aim by looking anywhere on the screen.

I joined the development of Eden: Last Stand in the beginning of April 2014 as part of my internship at DreamStage. My position was game design intern, and I worked mostly with the UI design and functionality. The game is being developed using Unity3D, and the plug-in nGUI was used for all menus and HUD that I was responsible for.

This game is still at a prototype stage, but I got permission to display images of the menus I worked on.


What I worked on during my time there

  • Game design - documentation, developing and discussing mechanics

  • Menus

  • Menu functionalities, going from screen to screen, changing screen resolution, e.t.c.

  • 2D soundsystem for menus

  • HUD

  • Score System

  • Camera effects

  • Tutorial

  • Menus

    First I sat down in a meeting and discussed what objects needed to be accessed from the menus and how the menus were going to built via script. Notes and doodles from the meeting were then used to build the first flowchart that was later presented on the next meeting. After more feedback the second flowchart was complete (see first image above), and I then started to block up the menus in Unity, using the plug-in NGUI.

    As the development of Eden: Last Stand continued, features got cut, in-game menus were blocked up and polished, which in turn lead to the current version of the frame-work of the menus. (See second image above).

    Videos of the menus