And welcome to my portfolio site.
My name is
Bianca Savazzi, I'm a 26-year-old game designer currently living in Umeå, Sweden.




Professional work

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Crusader Kings 2 - Jr Game Designer

Role: Junior Game Designer

Description: For Paradox Interactive's A/B-testing of Crusader Kings 2 in 2018, I wrote the majority of the texts which describe what the different DLC contains.

You can see my dedicated portfolio site here.

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition - Jr Game Designer

Role: Junior Game Designer

Description: I stepped in for a short period of time to help the team at Arctic with the porting of Pillars during the summer of 2016 as a Junior Game Designer. I came up with proposals of UI changes and gameplay controls for porting the game from PC to Consoles.

You can see my dedicated portfolio site here.

Homefront: The Revolution - Jr Technical Designer

Role: Junior Technical Designer.

Description: I began my employment at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios in January 2015 as a Junior Technical Designer. There we used CryEngine to develop Homefront: The Revolution. I learned how to use the visual scripting system Flow Graph as my tasks required me to.

You can see my dedicated portfolio site here. Official game site.

Eden: Last Stand - Game designer intern

Role: Game designer intern.

Description: I began my internship at Dreamstage AB in April 2014 as a game designer intern. We used Unity3D as our engine to create Eden: Last stand, and I learned how to use the plug-in nGUI as I was in charge of UI and HUD function and design. I also scripted functions in the game using C#.

When my internship ended, Eden was still in a prototype stage and had not yet gotten its own official website. However, there's more information about the game, all of my work areas, and in-depth information on my work on the User Interface here.

Solus - Writer, Scripter intern

Role: Writer (September 2014 - December 2014), Scripter intern (Mid-November 2013 -April 2014).

Description: I began my internship at Teotl studios in November 2013 as a scripter. I learned how to script using blueprint, the engine's visual scripting system.

After I graduated from Futuregames I rejoined the Solus team as a writer. My main tasks were to create the backstory for the humans, writing about the human crew onboard and diary entries that are collectables in the game.

Solus is being developed with Unreal Engine 4, and you can get more information about what I did on the project here, and for more information about the game itself you can check out the Official game site.

Personal or educational work

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Myth of Pangea - Game designer, scripter, and writer.

Highlighted roles: Game designer, scripter, and writer.
I use the term "Highlighted Roles" as Myth of Pangea is a solo-project, and the highlighted roles are the work that I'm presenting on my portfolio.

Description: Myth of Pangea is a game concept that I created in order to practise my writing, and work with narrative design. The game is being developed using Unity3D, and all of the game mechanics are scripted using C#.

I have a web page here created to describe my work in more detail.

OriGo - Game designer, scripter.

Roles: Game designer, scripter.

Description: While studying at Futuregames we got to have three game projects that differed in size and genres. Our last game project was made in Unity3D, as for the decided genre, our school approached Fatshark to give us a game concept and fill a publisher role. The mechanics were scripted using C#.

More information is available on the OriGo page.


Roles: Various (Technical designer, Game designer, QA.)

Description: On this page, I collect various documents I've written that doesn't belong to any of the projects I've been part of.
It contains documents that I've written during the had various of courses at Futuregames, like game design, and QA.

More information and downloadable documents are available on the Document page.